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Graphic Design

Graphic Design Whether you have an exhibition that requires graphic design or you need complete rebranding to upgrade your company image, our creative team has the ability and know-how to achieve the best results for you. From initial consultation right to of print-ready artwork, we guarantee the highest level of professional services and ultimately the most powerful, high-quality print-ready digital artwork.


Duratran 燈片及燈布應配合燈箱使用。配合背後的照明,使圖像顯得更為鮮豔。 Fingerprint堅持使用傳統沖曬技術為您製作燈片。

Perfect Bind Booklet

Perfect Bind Booklet Perfect bind booklet is suitable for books with lots of pages.


POP 展版在宣傳及佈置上的用途甚廣,物料挺身,而且輕巧攜帶,是宣傳活動的首選工具。

Ring Bind Booklet

Ring Bind Booklet Bound by a set of rings in the spine. Usually seen in notebooks, log books, and catalogues. Different paper stocks can be used on different pages. Text pages can be torn off easily if needed.


Film 製作鋅板、刀模、燙金模具用的菲林。